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75 Best Cheeses of 2015

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No. Description Size Category Milk Country
BE-280 Balade Light Butter (Cormans) 12×8.8 oz Salted Cow Belgium
DK-027 Butter Lurpak Bar Salted 20×8 oz Salted Cow Denmark
DK-024 Butter Lurpak Bar Unsalted 20×8 oz Unsalted Cow Denmark
FR-215 Butter President Salt Bar 20×7 oz Salted Cow France
FR-224 Butter Echire Salt Green Label 20×8.8 oz Salted Cow France
FR-294 Echire Portions Salted 100×30 gram Salted Cow France
FR-216 Butter Celles Belle Bar Unsalt 20×8 oz Unsalted Cow France
FR-222 Butter Lescure Unsalted Rolls 20×8.8 oz Unsalted Cow France
FR-223 Butter Echire Unsalted Blue 20×8.8 oz Unsalted Cow France
FR-227 Echire Butter Portions Unsalt 100×30 gram Unsalted Cow France
FR-220 Butter President Tub 18×17.6 oz Salted Cow France
FR-211 Butter Celle Belle Roll Unsalted 20×8 oz Unsalted Cow France
FR-219 Butter Lescure Unsalted Bars 20×8 oz Unsalted Cow France
FR-221 Butter President Tub Unsalted 40×8.8 oz Unsalted Cow France
FR-229 Butter Isigny Bar Unsalted 20×8 oz Unsalted Cow France
FR-231 Butter President Bar Unsalted 20×7 oz Unsalted Cow France
FR-233 Butter Isigny Bar Salted 20×8 oz Salted Cow France
FR-228 Butter Isigny Rolls 20×8.8 oz Unsalted Cow France
FR-753 Butter “Bessoffier” Rolls Swt 20×8.8 oz Unsalted Cow France
FR-099 Echire Butter Porcelain Crocks 24×1 oz Unsalted Cow France
FR-153 Echire Butter Blocks Sweet 1×22 lb Unsalted Cow France
FR-154 Echire Butter Basket Sweet 1×11 lb Unsalted Cow France
FR-158 Echire Butter Basket Salted 1×11 lb Salted Cow France
FR-207 Butter Dishes 25 Gram Isigny Sweet 48×25 gram Cow France
FR-225 Echire Butter Unsalted Mini Basket 8×8.8 oz Cow France
FR-226 Echire Butter Salted Mini Basket 8×8.8 oz Cow France
FR-756 Le Grand Tourage Butter Plaque (Puff) 10×2.2 lb Sheets Cow France
FR-757 Flechard Unsalted Butter Bulk 1×55.12 lb Block Cow France
FR-759 Flechard Unsalted Butter 10×2.2 lb Block Cow France
WG-040 Butter Bar Meggle Sweet Bar 16×8.8 oz Unsalted Cow Germany
WG-604 Fond O’ Foods German  Butter 20×8.7 oz Unsalted Cow Germany
WG-041 Butter Roll Meggle W/Herbs 8×4.4 oz Unsalted Cow Germany
IR-300 Butter Kerrygold Salted Bars 20×8 oz Salted Cow Ireland
IR-304 Butter Kerrygold Unsalted Bar 20×8 oz Unsalted Cow Ireland
IT-417 Butter “Delitia” Buffalo Milk 10×8 oz Unsalted Buffalo Italy
IT-416 Butter “Delitia” Reggiano Parm 10×8 oz Unsalted Cow Italy
CZ-101 Butter Bars Jana Valley Sweet 20×8.8 oz Unsalted Cow New Zealan
UK-033 Butter Double Devon Cream Salt 12×7 oz Salted Cow Uk
US-989 Vermont Sea Salt Basket Butter 6×6 oz Salted Cow Usa
US-974 Vermont Unsalted Butter  Rolls 6×8 oz Unsalted Cow Usa
US-975 Vermont L.Salted Butter  Rolls 6×8 oz Salted Cow Usa
US-973 Vermont Creamery Sea Salt Roll 12×4 oz Salted Cow Usa
US-448 Organic Cultured Butter Salted 12×8 oz Salted Cow Usa
US-449 Organic Cultured Bttr Unsalted 12×8 oz Unsalted Cow Usa
US-965 Vermont C.Cultured Butter Roll 12×1 lb Salted Cow Usa