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No. Description Size Milk 1 Milk 2 Country
DK-127 Feta In Oil Apetina 6×5.25 oz Cow Denmark
FR-344 Feta Chevretine Goat Retail 12×7 oz Goat France
FR-345 Feta Chevretine Goat Bulk 2×4 lb Goat France
FR-346 Feta Loave Valbreso 2×4.5 lb Sheep France
FR-347 Feta Tub Valbreso 1×35 lb Sheep France
FR-348 Feta Portion Valbreso 12×7 oz Sheep France
FR-350 Feta  Mini Tub Valbreso 1×17 lb Sheep France
GR-050 Feta Barrel Agd Mt. Vikos 1×8 lb Sheep Greece
GR-051 Feta Portions Mt. Vikos 12×7 oz Sheep Goat Greece
GR-052 Feta Block Mt.Vikos 2×4.4 lb Sheep Goat Greece
GR-053 Feta Barrel Agd Portions Mt. Vikos 6×6 oz Sheep Greece
GR-054 Kasseri Portions Mt.Vikos 6×6 oz Sheep Goat Greece
US-153 Montchevre Goat Feta 12×7 oz Goat Usa
US-156 Montchevre Goat Feta Crumble 12×4 oz Goat Usa
US-547 Blue Ridge Aged Feta 12×8 oz Cow Usa