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75 Best Cheeses of 2015

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No. Description Size Category Milk Country
CY-808 Fino Halloumi Cheese 10×8.75 oz Sheep Goat Cyprus
FR-043 Delice D’Argental Wood Box 2×2.2 lb Cow France
FR-178 Brillat Petit W/Papaya 6×7 oz Cow France
FR-188 Brillat Savarin Aged W/Truffle 3×1 lb Cow France
FR-242 Camembert Isigny Red 12×8 oz Cow France
FR-432 Merlemont 12×7 oz Cow France
FR-508 Pont L’Eveque Isigny 6×8.8 oz Cow France
FR-587 Selles Sur Cher Aged Boxed 6×5.2 oz Goat France
FR-590 Sarlet Goat In Wooden Box 6×5 oz Goat France
FR-647 St.Maure Ash Aged Boxed 5×8 oz Goat France
FR-648 Jacquin St.Maure Touraine Whit 5×8.8 oz Goat France
FR-704 Valencay Ash Aged Boxed 6×8 oz Goat France
FR-836 Cerises Cherry Goat Tray 6×4.94 oz (10 pc per tray) Goat France
FR-865 Crottin Papaya 6×2.82 oz Goat France
FRV-070 Coeur De Bourgogne Solaipro 6×7 oz “Plain” Cow France
FR-263 Jacquin Coeur Berry Ash Aged 6×8 oz Goat France
IT-024 Gorgonzola Piccante Dop 4×3 lb Cow Italy
IT-083 Taleggio Dop Punto D’Oro 1X5 lb Cow Italy
UK-185 Black Mountain Cheddar Wine/Garlic/Herbs 2×4.4 lb Cow Uk
US-112 Montchevre Bucheron Mini 6×11 oz Goat Usa
US-136 Montchevre Log Fig & Olive 12×4 oz Goat Usa
US-137 Montchevre Log Blueberry Vanilla 12×8 oz Goat Usa
US-138 Montchevre Log Cranberry Cinnamon 12×8 oz Goat Usa
US-166 Montchevre Medallion Goat Cheese 12×5 oz Goat Usa
US-204 Montchevre Goat Log Blueberry Vanilla 12×4 oz Goat Usa
US-205 Montchevre Goat Log Tomato Basil 12×4 oz Goat Usa
US-206 Montchevre Goat Milk Cheddar Sticks 12x12x.83 oz Goat Usa
US-207 Montchevre Crumbled Goat Candied Cranberry 12×4 oz Goat Usa
US-876 Mouco Cheese Ashley 15×5 oz Cow Usa
US-877 Mouco Cheese Camenbert 15×5 oz Cow Usa
US-878 Mouco Cheese Truffello 15×5 oz Cow Usa
US-879 Mouco Cheese Colorouge 15×5 oz Cow Usa
US-886 Mouco Camembert, Colorouge, Ashley Mixed Case 15×5 oz (Five of each) Cow Usa
US-939 Vermont Creamery  Bijou Fs 15×2 oz  “Foodservice” Goat Usa