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Washed Rind

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No. Description Size Milk Country
BE-244 Chimay Coupe Grand Cru 1x 4 lb Cow Belgium
BE-270 Chimay Biere 1×4 lb Cow Belgium
BE-408 Poteaupre Mini 6×8.8 oz Cow Belgium
FR-848 Pont L’Eveque Grand Terroir 6×7.7oz Cow France
FR-002 Ami Du Chambertin 6×8.8 oz Cow France
FR-315 Affidelice Berthaut Chablis 8×7 oz Cow France
FR-320 Epoisse Berthaut 6×8.8 oz Cow France
FR-321 Epoisse Half “Germain” 6×4.4 oz Cow France
FR-322 Epoisse “Germain” 6×8.8 oz Cow France
FR-406 Muenster Aoc Roussey 4×2 lb Cow France
FR-408 Langres “Germain” Aop 6×6.3 oz Cow France
FR-428 Livarot Coupe 2×3 lb Cow France
FR-429 Livarot Graindorge 6×8.8 oz Cow France
FR-490 Montboissie Aka Morbier 1×8 lb Cow France
FR-491 Montboissie Aka Morbier Raw 1×13 lb Cow France
FR-513 Pont L’Eveque Coupe 2×3.6 lb Cow France
FR-519 La Baguette Cows Milk 6×7 oz Cow France
FR-530 Raclette Livradois 1×8 lb Cow France
FR-532 Raclette Rm 1×13 lb Cow France
FR-603 Abbaye St.Mere Raw Milk 2×4 lb Cow France
FR-621 St. Nectaire Auvermont 2×4 lb Cow France
FR-666 Reblochon Type (Delice Du Jura) 6×1 lb Cow France
WG-015 Bruder Basil 3×3 lb Cow Germany
WG-055 Limburger 6×6.35 oz Cow Germany
SP-096 Manchego With Brandy 2×6 lb Sheep Spain
SP-702 Winey Goat 2×7 lb Goat Spain
UK-870 Stinking Bishop, Washed Rind 1×3.5 lb Cow Uk
US-230 Swiss Chris / Muenster 2×6 lb Cow Usa