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European Pastries

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No. Description Size Country
FR-332 Etoiles Chocolate 10×8.5 oz France
FR-435 Madeleines Plain 12×7 oz France
FR-446 Madeleine Lemon By 12 12×7 oz France
FR-447 Madeleine Chocolate By 12 12×7 oz France
FR-915 Tresors Le Petite Croustillant Caramel Crispy Waffle 12×2.6 oz France
FR-916 Tresors Crispy Butter Waffle Plain 12×3.5 oz France
FR-917 Tresors Crispy Butter Waffle Chocolate 12×3.5 oz France
SP-965 La Gruta Del Sol Plain Fig Cake 6×8.8 oz Spain
SP-966 La Gruta Del Sol Chopped Almond Fig Cake 6×8.8 oz Spain
SP-967 La Gruta Del Sol Mixed Fruit Fig Cake 6×8.8 oz Spain