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Meat & Charcuterie

No. Description Size Type Country
FR-850 Madrange Ruban Blue Ham 1×16.5 lb Ham France
FR-852 Madrange Buffet Ham 2×5.7 lb Ham France
HU-001 Pick Salami 250Gr (8Oz) 18×8.8 oz Salami Hungary
HU-002 Pick Salami 400Gr 12×14.11 oz Salami Hungary
HU-003 Pick Salami 800Gr 6×1.76 lb Salami Hungary
HU-004 Pick Salami 1250Gr 4×2.75 lb Salami Hungary
IT-250 Prosciutto Di Parma Boneless 1x 16 lb Proscuitt Italy
SP-107 Noel Serrano Ham Mandoline 1×12 lb Ham Spain
SP-108 Noel Serrano Ham Block 1×9.7 lb Ham Spain
US-480 Bellentani Tuscan Herb Coated 12×7 oz Usa
US-481 Bellentani Rosemary Coated 12×7 oz Usa
US-482 Bellentani Italian Dry Salami 12×7 oz Salami Usa
US-483 Bellentani Red Pepper Coated 12×7 oz Usa
US-484 Bellentani Black Pepper Coated 12×7 oz Usa
US-485 Bellentani Counter Top Shipper 24×7 oz Usa
US-486 Bellentani Prosciutto Bulk 1×10 lb Proscuitt Usa
US-487 Bellentani Sliced Prosciutto 12×3 oz Proscuitt Usa
US-488 Bellentani Italian Dry Salami 2×2 lb Salami Usa
US-492 Tuscan Herb Coated Sliced 12×6 oz Usa
US-680 3 Pigs Chicken Andouille Sausage 10×10 oz Chicken Usa
US-681 3 Pigs Chicken  Spinach/Gruyere  Sausage 10×10 oz Chicken Usa
US-682 3 Pigs Merguez Sausage 10×10 oz Sausage Usa
US-685 3 Pigs Duck Rillettes De Canard Bulk 2×2.2 lb Usa
US-693 3 Pigs Duck Leg Confit 6×8.5 oz Usa
US-695 3 Pigs Mousse Black Peppercorn Terrines 6×8 oz Usa
US-709 3 Pigs Chicken Sausage With Apple 10×12 oz Chicken Usa
US-721 3 Pigs Saucisson Sec- Air Dried 12×8 oz Usa
US-726 3 Pigs Mini Duck Rilletes 6×7 oz Usa
US-729 3 Pigs Saucisson A L’Ail  Gar 9×7 oz Usa
US-734 3 Pigs Duck Sausage Comfit 10×12 oz Usa
US-740 3 Pigs Turkey Sausage With Mushroom 10×12 oz Usa
US-747 3 Pigs Chicken Sausage W/Truffle 10×12 oz Usa
US-773 3 Pigs Saucisson Sec Aux Cepes 12×8 oz Usa
US-774 3 Pigs Saucisson Sec Herbs Provence 12×8 oz Usa
US-775 3 Pigs Chorizo Retail 12×8 oz Usa
US-777 3 Pigs Ham Smoked French Style 1×8 lb Ham Usa
US-778 3 Pigs Terrine Grand-Mare Slice 8×5.5 lb Usa
US-779 3 Pigs Pate Aux Champignons Slice 8×5.5 oz Usa
US-788 3 Pigs Vegan Terrine 6×6.5 oz Vegan Usa
US-924 3 Pigs Smoked Duck Breast 6×10 oz Duck Usa
US-925 3 Pigs Smoked Chicken Breast 6×17 oz Chicken Usa