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Olives & Olive Oils


No. Description Size Country
FR-874 Olive Melange “Five Olive” Arnaud 2×11 lb France
FR-875 Olive Mix Lou Pistou Cocktail Arnaud 2×11 lb France
FR-876 Olives Nicoise Arnaud 2×11 lb France
FR-877 Olives Tourmantes Arnaud 2×11 lb France
FR-878 Olive Pitted Mix “Four Olive” Arnaud 2×8.8 lb France
GR-608 Divina Pitted Greek Olive Mix 2×5 lb Greece
GR-609 Divina Unpitted Greek Olive Mx 2×5 lb Greece
GR-605 Divina Olive Greek Mix Jars 6×6.36 oz Greece

Olive Oils

No. Description Size Country
CH-801 Izaro Olive Oil 500mL 12×500 ml Chile
CH-802 Izaro Olive Oil 250mL 12×250 ml Chile
IT-330 Olive Oil Evoo Provenza  “DOP” 6×500 ml Italy
IT-331 Olive Oil Evoo Provenza 6×500 ml Italy